Server of the Week


Servers are such an important part of our community, but unfortunately, they often go under recognized. Ken Garff Kia Bell Road aims to change that with our Server of the Week program. Each week we surprise an exceptional Arizona server with a much-deserved $2,000 tip to recognize their hard work and dedication.



If you know a great server and want to nominate them for Server of the Week, click below!


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Featured Stories


Elizabeth Parker at the Power Ranch Golf Club:



Olivia Woods at Cornish Pasty:



Brad at Michelina’s:



Janelle Reynoso at Casa Reynoso:



Kelly Scott at Wall BBQ at the Hilton Resort:



Rachel Nugent at Nook Kitchen:



Maureen Hannan at Alexi’s Grill:



Alexis Bergstrom at Valle Luna:



Sean at Netta Chetas:



Samantha Klasinski at Streets of New York



Katen Crawford at Lo-Lo’s Chicken and Waffles



Marcie at VinciTorio’s



Cindy Ghormley at Brisam’s



Jacob Richard at Fate Brewery


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Ashley Comins at Texas Roadhouse


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Laura Fogle at Cottonwood Bar and Grill


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Sami Norwill at the Refuge Cafe: